Contribute your time, talent, and specialty to make changes to people’s lives around the world. Please contact us if you are interested in joining as a volunteer or as an Associate Director, thank you! Please Click Here for Associate Director Application Form.

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1. Nonprofit Operations & Administration

I. Fundraising Planning
II. Donor Relationship Coordination
III. Grant Application Analysis and Outcome Tracking
IV. Marketing, for example social media marketing, flyer design, video editing
V. Professional Consulting, for example human resource, legal issues

2. Global Partnerships, Affiliates, and Volunteers

I. Volunteers Training and Management
II. Government Agencies and Community-based Organization Interaction
III. STUF Affiliates / Subordinate Organization Interaction
IV. Promotion of Patrons of STUF

3. International Development and Community Charity Project Execution

I. Local charity projects in your city
II. Life Education Project (click here to see project information
III. STUF Coding International Project (click here to see project information
IV. Uganda Water Resource Project (click here to see project information
V. United Nations related projects (click here to see project information

We are dedicated to promoting and supporting charitable causes in the fields of disaster relief, culture and education, public health, and environmental protection.